[Elsword/엘소드] Code: Sariel - Crimson Cradle of Depression (12-7) Solo Gameplay

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[Elsword/엘소드] Code: Sariel - Crimson Cradle of Depression (12-7) Solo …

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weapon: +11 Flames of Judgement (perfect)
Crimson r12 (+11) / r13 / r14 (+11) / r17 (please dont ask me why, im dumb)
24% Giga Stream / 24% Linear Divider
ERP: ASD 100 / CDR 100 / Polarize 50 / Adapt 93


so a couple of months back my friend asked me to solo 12-7 but i havent really had the courage to do so because i was afraid of dying and i didnt think id have nerves to sit behind PC for an hour to fight a boss alone. after doing berthe for over a month now i realized trying to solo this one hell of a dungeon could be rather enjoyable so i gave it a shot.

anyways, ill certainly record a berthe run once i become more comfortable with the mechanics even though im already able to survive consistently in 15-5. it also takes me about an hour to render the video itself and another 3 hours to upload because haha slovak village internet. i also apologize for no game sound because for some kind of reason OBS didnt record it.

as ive mentioned previously, aside the new berthe raid i really dont think theres too much to record in this game. :( i thought about making some guides but i find it much better to just write them as its easier to update. the next thing im planning is to probably record myself rambling and expressing my thoughts about the new raid. ill try to give you some insight and tips on how to survive even though theres already some really decent guides out there so im not too sure whether this would be worth covering. doesnt hurt i guess.

if any of you are still reading this and have any ideas what could i record next or maybe talk about event or have any questions regarding of CS/game in general/me feel free to ask. o uo

some questions you might be asking:
Q: why are you using TSS if the harmony festival title is very similar in terms of damage?
A: cooldown reduction from awakening. i used 4th consumable to awaken to trigger the effect.

Q: isnt 7w better than LA?
A: it is, but i wanted the seasonal buff so i can use more potions.

Q: why are you using electronic fall and mod?
A: its damage should be good on large targets but i forgot to swap it after p1 and wanted to see how well it does. i didnt like the feeling of TS being homed onto spikes but there were less spikes than i expected since ive never ran this alone before.

Q: why are you stacking half linear divider/giga stream, isnt linear divider better?
A: if you asked me a while back id tell you to go with linear divider but berthe raid has some fat monsters so might as well as stack both. also, i still use it as my main skill in 12-6.

Q: isnt boss damage ERP better?
A: depends on your stats. im optimized for berthe more now so-

Q: do you have a png of the cut in in thumbnail?
https://i.imgur.com/TpiB72g.png, feel free to use it~

thank you for watching and stay safe!!

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